Best Business Reviews Platform Final Setup

Final Steps In Order To Smoothly Use The Best Business Reviews Platform

Configure Browser For The Desktop Computer

Here we go through the steps for ensuring the portal URL is readily available for use on the desktop computer

Note The Three Videos Below Where We Guide You Through Preparing To Use The Best Business Reviews System Within Your Business Operations …

… after we setup, configure and verify your Google Reviews platform and portal with Google itself. After approval we will send you an email – the email simply outlines some steps for you to take in order to get the most out of using the Customer Feedback and Google Reviews system within your business operations.

The first email that you receive will be the email that accompanies this text – this is for the configuring the portal for ready to go useage using your desktop computer using Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Please also check out the two videos below that details how to get the system ready for use with any Android mobile phone.

Configure Browser For The iPhone

Here we go through the steps for ensuring the portal URL is readily available for use your iPhone using different browsers of Chrome, Safari & Firefox

Configure Browser On Android Phones

Simple actions for adding the portal URL for ready access when using an Android mobile phone.

Thinking Our Business Is Different ? Or – Not Sure This Will Work For Our Business Type ? – Think Again !!

… The accompanying video references three distinct business category, however we would like for you to take a moment and think about your particular business ! Do you operate with multiple locations ? if so then each location will have its defined Google Business Maps Listing – with this will be displayed client’s Google Reviews. We have for argument purposes referenced Restaurants, Estate Agents and Beauty Salons & Spas but the utilisation of the portal does not start or end there.

Consider a multi chain car dealership that services cars or; how about those cosmetic surgery clinics with multiple locations spread around the country. Such organisations often services [how many ?] 10s or 100s ? of clients per week – the vast majority of whom will never [even though they may be pleased with the service] leave a google review and; in many cases just because they were never asked to do so.

Happy / Satisfied Customers Do Not Nesessarily Translate To Positive Google Reviews !!

Continuing our discussion above – most customers will not consider leaving a positive Google Business Review – in fact it is a sad matter that many customers will only leave a Google Review if they are unhappy with the service they received !!

As we continue to say to prospective clients in our structured marketing of this digital marketing business service “do not leave it to chance for customers to leave positive google reviews” – as a matter of process they need to be asked and then guided through a structured funnel. The platform provides the tools to enhance the reputation of business from different market sectors, of varying sizes and; from different countries using different language configuration options.

Review Customer Feedback

Using Experiential Data

It is so too often down to a lack of process and of having a defined system in place that will enable businesses to execute certain tasks as a matter of course. Collecting Google Business Reviews is no exception …

… the platform provides your business with a dedicated, always on portal, system and process that will enable the company to systematically gather the thoughts and experiences of clients when it comes to the service that has been delivered.

Marketing Automation

Key Customer Insights

Take your average Beauty Salon, Estate Agent, Local Restaurant Or Dentist, now consider the numbers of clients that they service on a weekly basis – now from a strategic business development point of view; just imagine how key processes, products and services could be developed if the management of the organisation were fully aware of how the customers felt about their experiences of those products and services being delivered.

Business Planning

Now develop go to market business strategies that are entirely based on the feedback that have been factored back into the company by clients; get to see the trends and make use of these to reinvent the business in order to better service the customer.

Google Business Reviews

Business Strategy Consulting

Yes we provide marketing consulting, training and ongoing digital marketing campaigns analysis, construction & execution.

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