The objective here is not to go and retrieve qualitative and quantitative data that will serve to convince any business owner [or marketing professional] regarding the importance of thinking about google reviews from a strategic business perspective. Rather let’s take the approach of providing you the reader with a typical scenario that one may find themselves in when looking to determine where a good place to dine will be within a particular town or location.

So let us assume that a group of accountants during a business trip at a client’s offices were looking to have [say] brunch located somewhere in the Piccadilly region of London, UK. Now performing a quick internet search making use of Google’s search engine in this case will provide the browser with a list of eating establishments and restaurants in the region that they would be able to go to and dine.

At a glance one would be able to view those user ratings as well as the number of reviews of local restaurants that will be prominently displayed both within the SERPs [search engine results] but also on the accompanying map.

If one makes the decision to click on the place pin of the eating establishment [due to the business already considering and acting upon the notion of just How to Get More Google My Business Reviews] then one will also be able to see brief summaries of the latest business customer reviews shown alongside all of the other essential information, such as the business’s location, hours of operation, and phone number.

So as we can see from the example provided above, if one happened to be unfamiliar with a particular venue or location and
had no one in their group from the locality to make recommendations; the use of business reviews within the search
engines [in this case we are referring to Google of course] would be all that was needed in order to be put in a position
to make an informed decision as to where to dine. In most cases we can assume that if there is a choice between say three
restaurants; then all things being equal we would expect the eating establishment with the most positive reviews to
get the business.

Therefore it pays for for businesses to at least put some focus on obtaining preferential reviews from as it can help to level the playing field and allow [in this case] smaller restaurants to compete with say a chain of more well established reviews due to the positive reviews that are clear to view as penned by customers that have responded well to the service they received in the past.

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