The nature of the restaurant, coffee shops, wine bars and eateries business means that in a give typical day the business can have 10s or even 100s of client pass through its doors and receive service from staff members. It may be the case that most of the customers have a great experience and are completely not only satisfied with the quality of the food received but also of the level of service that the highly trained, friendly courteous staff presented them with. Now as is human nature most of satisfied clients will pay their bill, leave and the restaurant may never hear from them again – maybe until they next visit for another meal and experience. Now, we may contrast this with the situation where maybe the food was late, not up to temperature, under [or over] cooked or maybe the service staff were not as friendly as they should have been. It is in these cases where we see that often clients are quick to leave a bad review for the restaurant which appears within Google Search Business Reviews for all of the world to see, and the business cannot remove the review as it is a legitimate and verified customer feedback documented account of events.

Now, if the Chinese Restaurant happened to have 100 4 star positive reviews and 1 or 2 really negative reviews then the prospective customer would be able to view those reviews and read of the positive times other diners had at whilst eating the fine Italian Pasta and make a valid judgement call that the bad experience was a one off event and no reason not to go and experience dining say some fine Indian Cuisine. This is where having a defined process in place for collecting customer feedback and good reviews comes into play.

It is recommended that collecting restaurant diners feedback as a matter of process can only service to enhance the reputation of the restaurant within the region and act as a counteracting effecting in the low percentage of times when a client does not have such a good dining experience.

We at BestBusinessReviews would like restaurateurs, owners of cafes, coffee shops and wine bars to consider the positive effect on their reputation that will be seen if they were to actively pursue customers for and ask them to leave a positive review at the point of them paying and the staff asking them if everything was ok ! It is at that moment when the positive comments and dining experience will be best to get captured; and if the customer happened not to have gotten that which they were looking for – then they would be able to voice their opinions which would be channeled back into the business and viewed as valuable customer feedback.

In order to capture customer feedback in a smooth and efficient manner we the BestBusinessReviews platform allow customer to leave their feedback via their mobile phone, after feedback is left they are then directed to leave the star ratings and reviews directly on the Google Business page of the restaurant in question – quick, smooth and efficient. And; on top of this – ever month a comprehensive report will be sent back the restaurant so that they can view, collate and take action in the necessary direction based on the reviews left for the eatery by the customer.

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