Recruitment agencies and consultants just like any other business that falls into specific categories will need to have a good quantity of google business reviews left by satisfied customers in order to boost the reputation of the recruitment consultant as well as assisting the business in terms of ranking within the search engines for terms such as “best recruitment consultants in london” or maybe “recruitment agency in london” as an example. Now with all that has been said above; we can look at the situation where any given company successfully places 100s of employees direct into companies where both parties are fully satisfied with the services rendered.

Now in the majority of cases the candidates will not have left a business reviews via google or more to the point they would not have even been asked to do so by the agency who performed the recruiting process.

The last point may well be identified as the main sticking point when it comes to the fact that so many recruitment consultants do not have numbers of google reviews that are in line with the vast numbers of employees that they have gone on to successfully place within companies – those companies also are satisfied and there are often no corresponding google reviews that would be displayed to the world to tell of the excellence provided by the recruitment agency in question.

Now just imagine if the recruitment consultants out there were to execute a defined process within the business that meant that every time a successful candidate was placed with a company – the candidate was asked [as a matter of process] to leave a google business review. This will serve to fulfill a number of aspects that will serve to prove important for the recruitment agency and its reputation management …

… one is to show the excellent service that the Jobs Recruitment and Employment Agency delivers right there within Google Search to the thousands of candidates looking for work on a daily basis – which is the best free advertising any company could ever wish for !!

Another is to showcase the high level of service that the Employment Recruiting Agency is delivering which will serve to attract major organisations who are looking for a company that delivers professional services to take on the recruiting of high calibre staff on their behalf.

The bottom line is that such organisations need to employ defined processes and strategies that actively seek to gather positive google business reviews for the recruiting agency company. Incorporating these actions within the business will serve to enhance the search engine and social media marketing efforts that is being executed by the recruiting agency.

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