Like it or not; agree or not we need search engines [Google] in order to bring in customers and enquiries into our businesses. Huge sums of revenues are spent on Google Adwords and other forms of paid advertising to enable business websites to show up within Google’s Search Results for specific Keywords. Now – to the title of this post …

“Google Reviews [Provide] Free Advertising”

… refers to those actions that are seen to Drive Customer Engagement on Google by making strategic use of customer Business Reviews that are left directly on the Business Google Pages that show up in the search engines. In fact the display of positive reviews in Google that are read by customers serve to provide prospective customers with a real good overview of the excellence [assuming we deliver high quality products / services] of the company in question.

When we consider how many times a day we ourselves as consumers or information seekers turn to Google in order to assist us in making purchase decisions, we only need to relate this to those who could be our customers if they were to view those positive reviews left by satisfied customers which serve to act as free advertising for our company. Whilst businesses are of course looking to focus their energies on providing the best services that they can to their customers – it is most often the case that they do not [as a matter of process] routinely ask customer to leave reviews for the company on their Google Maps Listings Page.

So how do we go about systematically increasing those Google Business Reviews that are becoming more and more important in terms of the execution of Digital Marketing strategies ? Well, looking at the typical customer transaction – the best time would seem to be post sale when the customer has just experienced excellence in customer service. And; with the widespread use of mobile phones that we tend to carry with us most of the times – making use of this medium to increase Customer Feedback via Google Business Reviews would seem the best way to achieve the desired objective.

The platform seems to tick all of the boxes that any business owner could ever want in terms of seamlessly being able collect those desired comments from customers. Consider being able to make an overview of all of the comments and reviews that have been left by satisfied clients over the period of month ! With the monthly reporting feature of the system …

… Business Operators Are Now Able To Use Google Reviews, Customer Feedback & Social Media Interaction For Business Strategy Planning Purposes …

… this can only serve to provide a competitive advantage for any company or collecting of franchise outlets.

So how does the system work ? It is quite simple; the customer facing representative simply asks the customer if they are happy to leave a review. Next they enter the customer’s mobile phone number [and email address if available] into the dedicated platform and the cloud based service takes over. The customer is taken through a series of questions which first asks for Customer Feedback and then to leave a Google Review on the Business Page that is specific to the location of the company. This means that if there is a series of locations of any company then there will need to be reviews left for each location that will be shown up on relevant Google Reviews pages.

So what can the business owner who wants more exposure within the search engines do without spending 1000s on paid advertising in order to put themselves in front of customers ? Well customer reviews on any company’s google page actually provides free advertising and the use of the platform is a mere fraction of paid advertising campaigns [which we have nothing against and think are entirely necessary as a key component of any digital marketing strategy plan].

If you are looking to systematically increase the number of ratings on the company’s Google Maps Listings Page; then get in touch with us so we can get you setup [normally within 7 working days] and start to experience the positive effects on your business that displaying customer feedback can provide.