It is certainly not too difficult for anyone to consider the number of customers that a typical Property Management or Real Estate Agent company dealing with Buy To Let, Rent To Rent, Rent To Own, Buy To Own and other categories of property customers sees in a given week. Next consider if every customer was asked to …

  • a) Leave feedback on their experience with the property management company
  • b) Write a positive star rating Google Review
  • c) Share their experiences with the Estate Agency company on their Social Media account

… it does not take too much imagination to see how consistent feedback, reviews and sharing would have a positive effect on their Real Estate Search Engine & Social Media Marketing performance results. Also the Estate Agency Google Business Reviews Platform through which the feedback is funneled into the property management company could be readily used for ongoing business strategy planning purposes.

Potential property investing, rental or purchasing customers that will make use of the various aspects of a Real Estate Agency or Property Management Company are utilising the search engines whereby they will most certainly come across Google Business Reviews; the data shows that decisions whether or not to do business with a particular company do get heavily influenced by the experiences that potential read that have been left by previous customers.

Also; there is an aspect of relevancy that comes into play; consider the following : One company is seen to have a stream of positive reviews week in and week out until the present date; in contrast to another whose last review was left 6 months ago. Whilst we cannot speak in 100% certain terms as to how Google will treat either company in terms of their SERPs …

… [Search Engine Ranking Positionings] we do know that it is likely that the company with more relevant, recent reviews will be ranked higher for any given estate agency or property management search terms [such as “estate agent london” or “property management company new york” or “best buy to let company in Manchester UK”.

We have been speaking about search but also Social Media Marketing comes into play for the Estate Agency as within the eco system of Social Media people’s buying decisions are seen to be entirely made on that which those in their group have experienced and speak about favourably.

This is of course on of the features of the complete Strategic Client To Company Google Reviews, Client Feedback, Market Research & Social Media Interaction Platform which provides users with the facility to share their positive property purchase or letting experiences directly within their own social media profile. This serves to have the effect of magnifying the social media digital marketing footprint of the Real Estate Agency thereby bringing in new customers, internet traffic which in turn will translate into sales and increased revenues.

As the world of Digital Marketing Strategy Development & Execution continues to expand and modify – search and social will continue to play a major role in how businesses not only get found but also on how they are judged by potential clients. Therefore the more that any property management or real estate agency company can learn about their customers; with those positive experiences being reflected within the search engines – the utilisation of the customer feedback for further business strategy plans will serve to assist one property company to gain a competitive advantage over the other.

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