One thing is for sure and that is the statement that people [both men and women] care about the way that they appear on the outside and the evidences for that is clear for all to see; i.e. by the amount of monies that are being spent everyday in hairdressing and beauty salons in every major city in the developed world [at least]. In the UK where we reside one just needs to look at the major metropolitan cities of say London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol etc etc and walk down any high street and view the number of beauty salons that will be at times filled with clients.

Now, beauty salons, barbers, spas and hairdressers just like any other business in this technologically advanced world in which we live – need to active in terms of their digital marketing strategies development and execution. One such aspect of the marketing puzzle is that of getting to grips with just why hair and beauty salons and spas google business reviews are marketing highly influential in terms of search engine marketing and then setting out a specific strategy in order to make sure that the views of happy customers are readily displayed on google for the specific locations of each salon.

So what are some of the daily beauty salon services that are delivered daily to customers that in the majority of cases the satisfied customers never ever leave a google reviews ? a short list is as follows …

Hair : cuts, relaxers, perms, colors, shampoo, conditioning, curling, reconstructing, weaving, waving.
Nails : manicures, pedicures, polish, sculptured nails.
Skin Care : European facials, body waxing, massage

… now if you are reading this as a salon owner or employee – consider how many times you have actively as a matter of process asked a delighted customer to provide their client feedback, share their experience on their social media account and to leave a star rating on your particular salon’s google business page ?

Our consulting, training and digital marketing strategy development and execution experiences say that the percentage positive response to the question posed above is very low – we’d say less than five percent. And part of the reason is that salon staff are not trained in marketing, they are not required to ask for digital marketing based feedback and more importantly the beauty salon does not have the mechanism in place that will enable them to guide the customer through a defined process in order to gather the required information.

Such a defined process is exactly what the Best Business Reviews platform provides the beauty salon, spas and hairdressing industry with. With no hardware or software to install – all the salon staff need do is to enter the clients mobile phone number into their dedicated portal. This is where the process commences …

  1. The customer is asked to provide written feedback on their experiences
  2. Next a star rating Google Business Review is left
  3. Then the customer shares their positive experience on the their social media page

This last point is worth noting, in order to expand the social media footprint of the hairdresser having multiple mentions on clients account will serve to do so – as opposed to having all of the comments on their own say Facebook page.

If you are looking for a way to let more customer know about the excellence of each location of your beauty salon, spa or hairdressing business – having a consistent stream of google business reviews is the way to go. Now with the Best Business Reviews platform which will be configured and get targeted for each salon location – you have the ability to not only collate customer feedback for use in future beauty salon business strategy planning purposes, but to expand the social media reach of the business and to give your search engine marketing efforts a huge boost through the presence of the stream of star rating google business reviews.

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