We know that traditionally Retirement & Care Homes may not extensively engage in outbound Digital Marketing; i.e. strategically identifying the key target market customers. Remembering that for certain markets we target influencers or decision makers and not necessarily the users of the particular product or service. In the case of care home and retirement residences – the key messages may be directed towards family members who themselves will have a specific profile which will be different to those who will eventually make use of the care home services.

Enhance Reputation Of Care Homes

If any residential care home were to make use of the BestBusinessReviews.co.uk on a consistent process driven manner; the reputation of the organisation within the Search Engines will be seen to rise over time as satisfied visitors over time leave positive google reviews simply as a result of being given a system through which to do so.

Care Home Have Few Google Reviews

It is astonishing to see certain care home establishments that have been in business for years and yet have only a handful of positive google reviews listed within the search engines. Yet when bad publicity arises in those rare cases, the organisation is normally in the spotlight for the wrong reasons and often on a national basis.

Process Driven Google Reviews Collection

Now; by providing family members, friends & other visitors with a defined process & system for leaving positive Google Reviews, customer feedback and social media sharing will serve to build the reputation of the organisation.

It is important at this time to note that retirement & Care Homes are ranked and displayed with their Google Reviews just just like any other business. Now think of the 100s of [satisfied] visitors happy with the professional staff from the care home on a consistent basis – yet their positive experiences are not reflected within the specific care homes Search Engine Listings.

Making use of the BestBusinessReviews.co.uk platform which we consider to be the Complete Strategic Company Google Reviews, Client Feedback, Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Interaction Platform will [as alluded to above] positively affect the reputation of Residential Care & Retirement Homes within the specific care home’s local search region within the Search Engines [as Google continues to place more importance on customer reviews within the search engine marketing results] and; with our sharing function the platform will widen the Social Media Footprint of the organisation.

Care Home Management Customer Feedback

The system is designed so that disgruntled visitors are able to electronically give feedback to the residential care home, this valuable [sometimes criticism] feedback can be passed through to customer support personnel [as configured during the setup phase] so direct contact can be made with the individuals for relevant resolution steps to me taken

Contact us at BestBusinessReviews.co.uk right now in order to learn more and to get the dedicated portals setup with the outcome of boosting your residential care home’s reputation and boosting its social media influence.