All that any owner of an hotel or bed and breakfast establishment business needs to do is to go to Google, perform a search for a place to stay for a few nights and then take note of the number of reviews that appear within the search engines. All of these reviews which we all take notice of are there for the world to see and have a direct impact on whether or not someone who stays at a hotel or not.

In the case of a glowing positive review this will lead to people looking for a great place to stay for a few nights to want to have the same positive experience had by their fellow travelers. On the other hand – a negative review can lead to the loss of potentially £/$1000s of revenue that the hotel owner may never ever learn about due to the fact that the traveler simply took their business elsewhere.

Taking a typical Bed & Breakfast Hotel in London UK into consideration we can easily deduce that in a given week hundred of guest may choose to stay at any given establishment. Chances are that most of the guests are completely happy with their room, the conveniences as well as the food but as a matter of course – the hotel has no formal process in place to gather customer feedback and google reviews from guests.

Granted, it may be the case that there is a guest book at the check in desk [as is often the case] however these comments will only ever be read [by definition] by individuals or those who are already guests that are already in the Hotel or Bed & Breakfast !! In this day of mobile technology and immediacy, any given Bed & Breakfast Hotel can accelerate their reputation by consistently asking, collecting and displaying positive guest feedback as well as positive Google Business Star Ratings.

Consider the scenario that was built into the daily business operations and drilled into every reception desk staff. It goes something like this …

After checking out a guest, simply ask if their stay was satisfactory – then ask them for an online review. By pulling up a portal [as that developed by] and entering a SMS number, this will allow the process of collecting Google Business Reviews and Customer Feedback from the guests.

Over time the Bed & Breakfast Hotel will end up with a collecting of written feedback that can be used for shaping the future operations of the business.

Those glowing positive reviews will be there for all to see in the search engines and most importantly those unhappy customers will have a chance to vent their frustration which will go straight to the hotel owner – the customer can then be dealt with on a personal matter preventing any long term damage to the hotel establishment.

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