• Retirement Care Homes. Wait For Bad Publicity Or Take Care Of Reputation Management

    residential retirement care home google business reviews service

    We know that traditionally Retirement & Care Homes may not extensively engage in outbound Digital Marketing; i.e. strategically identifying the key target market customers. Remembering that for certain markets we target influencers or decision makers and not necessarily the users of the particular product or service. In the case of care home and retirement residences - the key messages may be directed towards family members who themselves [...]
  • Customer Reviews And Feedback Platform

    Customer Reviews Platform

    For those looking to expand the reach of their online reputation; looking to reach those customers using the search engines looking for products and services that are being offered. Here is a robust Strategic Client Company Google Reviews & Social Media Interaction Platform that can be put to use to not only consistently collect Google Business Reviews but also to share customers positive experiences which in turn boosts the company's [...]
  • estate agents google business reviews platform

    real estate agent and property management companies google reviews platform

    It is certainly not too difficult for anyone to consider the number of customers that a typical Property Management or Real Estate Agent company dealing with Buy To Let, Rent To Rent, Rent To Own, Buy To Own and other categories of property customers sees in a given week. Next consider if every customer was asked to ... a) Leave feedback on their experience with the property management company b) Write a positive star rating Google [...]
  • Google Reviews Impact Search Engine Marketing For Builders

    Google Reviews Impact Search Engine Marketing For Builders

    ... and the list could go on and on. Now from a strategic business perspective, just imagine that for each successful job that was performed the customer was asked to leave a review that would appear in Google's search engine rankings ? As is the case most building companies and self employed individuals leave it to chance for a review to be left; often stating that "we get most of our work from referrals" - this may be true but they for [...]
  • RestaurantsGoogleReviewsCustomerFeedback

    Why restaurants NEED Google + reviews

    Now, if the Chinese Restaurant happened to have 100 4 star positive reviews and 1 or 2 really negative reviews then the prospective customer would be able to view those reviews and read of the positive times other diners had at whilst eating the fine Italian Pasta and make a valid judgement call that the bad experience was a one off event and no reason not to go and experience dining say some fine Indian Cuisine. This is where having a [...]
  • google reviews platform for bed and breakfast hotels

    how google hotel reviews can impact your hotel or bed and breakfast establishment

    All that any owner of an hotel or bed and breakfast establishment business needs to do is to go to Google, perform a search for a place to stay for a few nights and then take note of the number of reviews that appear within the search engines. All of these reviews which we all take notice of are there for the world to see and have a direct impact on whether or not someone who stays at a hotel or not. In the case of a glowing positive review [...]
  • beauty salon google business reviews and digital marketing

    Now, beauty salons, barbers, spas and hairdressers just like any other business in this technologically advanced world in which we live - need to active in terms of their digital marketing strategies development and execution. One such aspect of the marketing puzzle is that of getting to grips with just why hair and beauty salons and spas google business reviews are marketing highly influential in terms of search engine marketing and then [...]
  • benefits of google reviews

    benefits of google reviews

    So let's take some time aside to consider the question regarding the benefits of Google Business Reviews and; the importance on the collecting of such reviews from clients built into the operational structure of the company in question. Well it is blatantly obvious to say however it should be stated that if one were to list the things that potential clients see when looking up details about a particular company; customer reviews are one of [...]
  • Importance of Google Business Reviews for SEO Ranking Factors

    google reviews are important

    The search engines in general and specifically speaking Google is often the first place where a customer comes into contact with and begins to learn some of the company operations including products and services delivered to the marketplace and other related information that can lead to that customer exchanging money to experience or consume some of the said products and services. In relation to that; if we wish to determine how one [...]
  • google reviews for my business

    Why businesses should care about Google reviews

    If one make the decision to click on the place pin of the eating establishment then one will also be able to see brief summaries of the latest business customer reviews shown alongside all of the other essential information, such as the business’s location, hours of operation, and phone number.

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