The search engines in general and specifically speaking Google is often the first place where a customer comes into contact
with and begins to learn some of the company operations including products and services delivered to the marketplace and
other related information that can lead to that customer exchanging money to experience or consume some of the said products
and services.
We all as consumers have our different reasons and method of using the search engines that is determining various businesses in close proximity, to planning the details of local, national or international travel [for both business and personal circumstances] to assisting us with remembering something as simple as a phone number.
The whole process begins with us using our mobile phones, laptops, tablets or [even] desktop computers to type in related keywords into the search engine that we happen to be using with the aim of retrieving that [sometimes] crucial piece of information that we wish to be made aware of.
In relation to that; if we wish to determine how one company may compares to another company, we ,make use of the search engines in order to learn about the experiences of other people with the business in question.
From a strategic business planning and marketing strategy perspective it is important to recognize the need to provide customers with the [easy to use] facility through which they are able which to leave [positive] reviews directly on the company’s Google or Google Maps listings page.
It is fair to assume that that Google reviews are favored by its parent search engine and will show up prominently within those critical search results, therefore if one’s company has a desire to be seen as having a solid, professional and customer satisfying presence within the search engines then by definition one of the very best to make a start would be to accumulate is those positive Google reviews.

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