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The shopping habits of customers around the world have changed to include the almost instinctive pre reviewing of products before any purchase decision has been made.

Having Five Star Reviews …

… from your customers ONLINE is now crucial !! When someone takes the time to go online to post something about your business, it’s usually because something made them mad. Very seldom do customers take that same time to post positive review.

The reality is that more and more people are reading reviews online. In fact 70% of people look at an online review the same as a personal reference !! .

The BestBusinessReview platform will build your 5 star online reputation while also replacing the need for secret shoppers, giving you a better and TRUE understanding of your customer’s shopping experience.

Google Reviews Are Now In The Forefront Of Every Search!

Having positive Google reviews for some consumers will simply mean they will call you instead of your competitor. The BestBusinessReviews platform makes it easy for you to build your positive reviews fast while also getting customer feedback.

Build Your POSITIVE Google Reviews

Google has added all their Google Review links to the forefront so they are easy to find.

Your Google Placement

Google has added the reviews to their algorithm to determine Google placement.

Immediate Customer Service Feedback

Our customer feedback feature is the opportunity for the customer to share their shopping experience.

Increase Your Google Placement

Google has started to incentivize their users with points that can be redeemed for Google products.

24/7 Real-time Review Monitoring

Google has added Local Guides program that is similar to and Yelp.

FREE Facebook Advertising

The facebook share option will provide free advertising. Each SHARE should can equate to 100s of social engagement opportunities on Facebook.

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Google Reviews are …

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Strategic Business Reviews

Like it or not, Google reviews can either make a Business Owner sales or cost them sales. The great news is the Business Owner now has an easy way to use them in a positive way and increase sales every month!!

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