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The shopping habits of customers around the world have changed to include the almost instinctive pre reviewing of products before any purchase decision has been made.

Are Now In The Forefront Of Every Search!

Having positive Google reviews for some consumers will simply mean they will call you instead of your competitor. The BestBusinessReviews platform makes it easy for you to build your positive reviews fast while also getting customer feedback.

And All Customer Service Volume Businesses Should Be Systematically Collecting Them – Including Yours !

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Customer Service Personnel Enter Client

This is where the feedback process begins, it all starts with whoever is interfacing with the client [this will mean that this very process of capturing client feedback is communicated to all relevant staff members] – after successful service completion the following steps are followed. The Client’s Mobile Phone Details [& Email Address] Are Entered Into The Portal and it is at this juncture that they are given a chance to say just how they feel about the service they have received from the organisation.

Whatever happens after this is a function of the type of feedback that is given but whatever the case, with the clients SMS number [and email address] having been entered into the database – followup opportunities exist for the company should they wish to incorporate this form of outbound direct digital marketing into their business strategies.

Demo Video Walkthrough From Business Perspective

Customer Delivers Feedback Via Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone Based Customer Feedback

Here from the convenience of their mobile device the customer can walk through the feedback form in order to let the business know just exactly how they feel about the service that they received. In the first instance they are asked if they would give a referral and then we provide a drop down menu of the level of service received …  Excellent / Fair / Poor …  Are the default choices we will program into the system. From hereon They can actually leave detailed written feedback – in some cases the client may wish to vent off steam and to really give criticism to the business – in this case it is unlikely that they will provide a Five Star feedback to the company !

Therefore in this case if a bad star rating is given then all of those details will be sent to the company, it should be said that the feedback is always sent to the company – however in the case that the Google Star Rating are low – these are not delivered to your business Google profile. In this scenario – the company will be sent all of the information with the given option of following up directly with the disgruntled customer.

Having Five Star Reviews …

… from your customers ONLINE is now crucial !! When someone takes the time to go online to post something about your business, it’s usually because something made them mad. Very seldom do customers take that same time to post positive review.

The reality is that more and more people are reading reviews online. In fact 70% of people look at an online review the same as a personal reference !! .

The BestBusinessReview platform will build your 5 star online reputation while also replacing the need for secret shoppers, giving you a better and TRUE understanding of your customer’s shopping experience.

Build POSITIVE Google Business Reviews

Google has added all their Google Review links to the forefront so they are easy to find. The have also added the reviews to their algorithm to determine Google placement. In addition to this Google has started to incentivize their users with points that can be redeemed for Google products.

Total Control Over Your Google Customer Reviews

Make Google Reviews a key component of your top level business strategies by carefully reviewing feedback given by those who have contracted business with your organisation will provide the key fundamentals that can be incorporated into key go to market strategies.

FREE Facebook Advertising

The facebook share option will provide free advertising. Each SHARE should can equate to 100s of social engagement opportunities on Facebook.

Real Time Customer Support & Satisfaction Feedback

With the design of the system all of the positive reviews from customers will go straight to your Google Reviews Business Page, great for your Reputation Management Marketing !! The not so good feedback we ensure is sent to you in order for you to get back to the customer directly so you can deal with whatever issue they may have therefore preventing any negativity towards your business to affect your business in a non positive manner.

24/7 Real-time Review Monitoring

Google has added Local Guides program that is similar to and Yelp, now is the time to supercharge your organisation’s go to marketing Digital Marketing [Search Engine & Social Media] Strategy development with the focused use of customer feedback and Google Business Reviews.

Dedicated SEO Optimised Business Reviews Page

Make full use of the custom business reviews page that is created for your business in order to assist in outranking other companies operating within your market space – use this as a distinct competitive advantage.

Use The Customer Feedback & Business Reviews As A Key Component Of Digital Marketing Strategy Development & Execution …

Review The Reviews

To Drive Business Strategy.

Improve SEO Effect

Using Reviews To Build Trust.

Get Positive Feedback

Thru Custom Portal.

Every store location, restaurant, dental surgery or maybe hotel or bed and breakfast establishment will have a dedicated portal created through which the customer review feedback process begins. Each portal is mobile optimized & we recommend that it is kept open on screen and be made readily accessible by all customer facing staff. Having regular reviews appearing on the company’s google business page has multiple effects one of which is to attract customers who are able to readily read of the [recent] positive experiences of other customers and the other lead to a positive search engine optimisation effect as we also publish an optimised business customer reviews page that serves to enhance all digital marketing strategy execution within the business. In terms of business strategy, reviewing the monthly customer feedback reports will assist in shaping the business operations and give direction to enhancing future products and services.

Google Reviews are …

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Strategic Business Reviews

Like it or not, Google reviews can either make a Business Owner sales or cost them sales. The great news is the Business Owner now has an easy way to use them in a positive way and increase sales every month!!

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